Our company was founded in Dubai and has been operating successfully for over 10 years. The knowledge, skills and abilities, our professional linguists have mastered throughout their practice and experience for years, help them do more than translate your words, they convey the meaning in the most relevant way!

Being a team of highly qualified native-speaking translators, we have gained extensive experience in various scopes and types of translations, starting from short documents up to tender projects/documentation of over 1000 pages.

Over 10 years’ experience and wide-ranging expertise in diversified fields, let us successfully undertake the most challenging projects and deliver excellence to the high-class clientele in the UAE, all over the MENA region, the UK, Ukraine, Russian Federation and other countries. Moreover, we have considerable experience in provision of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at the government events in different Emirates as well as in the Sultanate of Oman!

Among our valuable Clients, we can proudly name 5-stars hotels such as Kempinski, Radisson, Rixos, Fairmont and others; the World major companies in the Oil and Gas industry like SHELL, Halliburton (USA), Packers Plus (Canada), LUKOIL (Russia) and many others; the UAE Sheikhs’ Offices and other Government Authorities, the Embassies and Consulate Departments of Foreign Countries to the UAE, a Publishing House in the UK and others.


Our company provided interpreting services at an overwhelming number of events like training sessions, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, business, annual corporate meetings etc. covering diversified areas of expertise such as Aviation, Oil, and Gas, Finance & Banking, Hospitality & Tourism, Legal, Medical, Business and many others. We also supplied interpreting equipment, provided its installation and technical support services at some of the above events!

One of our Russian<>English Interpreters has 20-years’ experience; 8 years of which she was employed by Halliburton, an American Oil Company, worked with the Embassy of UK. Moreover, she has had a chance and opportunity to improve her translation/interpreting skills and abilities while working with different companies for over 11 years in the United Arab Emirates. The extensive experience of our Interpreters includes but not limited to:


⦁ Arabic<>English simultaneous interpreting services with the equipment supply during the ceremony of celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Dubai Islamic Bank, February 25, 2015 with participation of HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM and other Senior Government Officials;
⦁ Arabic<>English simultaneous interpreting services with the equipment supply at the UAE Economic Outlook Forum 2015 with participation of H.H. SHEIKH AHMED BIN SAEED AL MAKTOUM and other Senior Government Officials;
⦁ Russian<>English simultaneous interpreting services during the Oilman’s Day celebration ceremony held by LUKOIL Overseas
⦁ Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services during the 14-days aviation training course held by the GCAA-approved Training Centre in UAE
⦁ Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services for CIS Country Government delegation at one of the Emirates Sheikh’ Palace;
⦁ Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services at 3-days workshop arranged by an international company in Mining and Metallurgical Industries
⦁ consecutive English<>Russian, Russian<>Arabic interpreting services with the Russian Oil & Gas, Firefighting equipment, technology manufacturing and trading companies during INTERSEC 2013, 2014 Exhibition held in Dubai
⦁ simultaneous Russian-English interpreting services at the 20th Anniversary of SNS held in Jumeirah Madinat;
⦁ consecutive English<>Russian interpreting during the 5-days `TPM Training session` at Jebel Ali plant of one of the World’s greatest refreshment brands;
⦁ 3-days technical workshop on the innovative Well Completion Technologies for 30-40 persons audience held by an international oil company in Dubai;
⦁ 5-days Oil Spill Prevention and Response training course held by a British company;
⦁ assignment to the Russian Executive in Energy sector during the Middle East Electricity Exhibition 2012 etc;
⦁ interpreting services to the Government delegation at the Oil Company in Abu Dhabi;
⦁ accompanied the Ukrainian VIPs at the Economic Conference in Abu Dhabi,
⦁ interpreted for the Russian Clients at PVC manufacturing plant in Oman etc.
Our Russian<>Arabic Interpreter worked with the Client during his meeting with the Lawyers. The Arabic<>English Interpreter worked with the Iraqi Government delegation during their visit to one of the international banks in Dubai.


Since we are highly qualified linguists (each of us speaking and having mastered 2 or more languages) our online language TUITION CLASSES have also been in high demand for the last 5-6 years. We have successfully been providing online tuition classes teaching English, Russian, Azerbaijani and other languages.

We apply personalized teaching method which is an educational approach that tailors learning around each individual student’s needs, interests and abilities. Currently, we have students from Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan with the ability to conduct lessons in their preferred languages.

Our students have always received high scores (90-100%) in their school and university examinations, some of them were involved in school events and activities making presentations and speeches in English. Most of our students started learning English or other languages from ABC i.e. sounds and letters and now, they can talk in these languages! Their achievements make us proud and demonstrate effectivity of our classes. We are delighted to share videos showing their performance progress and results on our YouTube channel – LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!


Having used our translation and interpreting services, Clients are so much satisfied with our work and knowledge level that they ask us to help them with their other business needs and requirements. In particular, one of our clients entrusted writing and designing the Business Plan for his multi-million worth project to our Team of Professionals! We are also well experienced in Social Media post and other content writing and can render our assistance in creating your post in as many languages as you need.


A good design work is a product and result of integration of in-depth knowledge, sophisticated taste, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, skills and ability. We believe that some of these features should be innate. Our designers have both innate and acquired features, a combination of which makes their works look perfect and stand out which is quite important in a highly competitive market nowadays. See some of our Graphic Works in the slides and videos.


We have experience in designing:

  • Table calendars
  • Flyers, brochures, business cards
  • Roll-up stands
  • Business Plans
  • Presentations
  • Reports