The Translator/Interpreter is ever growing throughout his experience… Our Translators/Interpreters  with considerable experience of more than 10 years in their specific fields have gained a reputation as experts. They worked with the Legal translation agencies, UN projects, Embassies and other organizations. We can proudly name big international as well as local companies both in private and government sectors plus overwhelming number of individuals making out the long list of our Corporate and Private Clients. We always try to achieve pleasant, positive feedback of our Clients by offering fast and efficient services at very competitive prices given our professionals’ credentials and qualifications. We have already attained credibility and trust of our existing Clients.


Our translators’ team operates in almost all European & Asian language pairs now. We have been cooperating with companies and organizations in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and all over MENA region for many years. Our company successfully delivered various translation projects of a big volume ranging between 150-250 pages of tender documents, presentation materials in such language pairs as English-French, French-Arabic, English-Russian as well as Arabic-Russian for business setup purposes in the Russian Federation etc. within the limited time-frames. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate English-Arabic translations. Our Translators coped with English-Arabic translation of Oil Spill Prevention and Response Training sessions presentation of 23 files containing about 100 pages which was successfully presented by our valued Customer to their audience in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


One of our Russian<>English Interpreters has 20-years experience; 8 years of which  she has been employed by Halliburton, an American Oil Company, worked with the Embassy of UK. Moreover she has improved her translation/interpreting skills and abilities throughout her work experience with different companies for the last 10 years in the United Arab Emirates. The Arabic<>English Interpreters have over 10 years experience. The recent experience of our Interpreters includes but not limited to:

  • Arabic<>English simultaneous interpreting services with the equipment supply during the ceremony of celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Dubai Islamic Bank, February 25, 2015 with participation of HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM and other Senior Government Officials;
  • Arabic<>English simultaneous interpreting services with the equipment supply at the UAE Economic Outlook Forum 2015 with participation of H.H. SHEIKH AHMED BIN SAEED AL MAKTOUM and other Senior Government Officials;
  • Russian<>English simultaneous interpreting services during the Oilman’s Day celebration ceremony held by LUKOIL Overseas
  • Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services during the 14-days aviation training course held by the GCAA-approved Training Centre in UAE
  • Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services for CIS Country Government delegation at one of the Emirates Sheikh’ Palace;
  • Russian<>English consecutive interpreting services at 3-days workshop arranged by an international company in Mining and Metallurgical Industries
  • consecutive English<>Russian, Russian<>Arabic interpreting services with the Russian Oil & Gas, Firefighting equipment, technology manufacturing and trading companies during INTERSEC 2013, 2014 Exhibition held in Dubai
  • simultaneous Russian-English interpreting services at the 20th Anniversary of SNS held in Jumeirah Madinat;
  • consecutive English<>Russian interpreting during the 5-days `TPM Training session` at Jebel Ali plant of one of the World’s greatest refreshment brands;
  • 3-days technical workshop on the innovative Well Completion Technologies for 30-40 persons audience held by an  international oil company in Dubai;
  • 5-days Oil Spill Prevention and Response training course held by a British company;
  • assignment to the Russian Executive in Energy sector during the Middle East Electricity Exhibition 2012 etc;
  • interpreting services to the Government delegation at the Oil Company in Abu Dhabi;
  • accompanied the Ukrainian VIPs at the Economic Conference in Abu Dhabi,
  • interpreted for the Russian Clients at  PVC manufacturing plant in Oman etc.

Our Russian<>Arabic Interpreter worked with the Client during his meeting with the Lawyers. The Arabic<>English Interpreter worked with the Iraqi Government delegation during their visit to one of the international banks in Dubai.