Matias Crossa

I’ve been delighted to take SEVA Translation services for having very important personal documents translated in two language pairs: from German-English and French-English for their submission to the UAE local Authorities. We had about 11-12 pages of Certificates. Since these translations were going to be used for further employment purposes, it was of extreme importance for us to have them done in a very accurate and precise way. From the moment I contacted them to the very delivery of their work, SEVA Translations Services Co. has demonstrated a unique work ethic evidenced by the professionalism, precision and efficiency delivered not only in their translations but also their relationship with their clients. Their services clearly reveals all the dedication, love and passion for what they do! I am not only decided to take their services in the future but I also strongly recommend this company to all those who are looking for the premium quality in any of the translations mentioned above

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